Monday, January 9, 2012

The Reel Me

If you reely knew me. 
You would know that I am a poor speller.
You would know that I think I am smarter than I really am.  
You would know that my legs are tiny.
You would know that my hair is a pain in the bum.
You would know that I have a lisp.
You would know that I am lazy.
You would know that a wood chuck could chuck wood. 
You would know that it's hard to find me serious.
You would know that I am afraid of my future.
You would know that when I am older I will be fat
You would know me

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Totes Jell

Ya know?  M. Ward has a way with words.  And although his lyrics are beyond being great, his voice makes them ten times better. 

His Music is poetry to me.  I try day in and day out to sing just like the man but I can't do it.  I done darn hate it.  He is too good.  In his song, "here comes the sun again", he creates multiple meanings.  Which frustrate me even more, because I try doing that too and I CAN'T!!!! 

In his song "Poison Cup" he says "If love is a poison cup, then drink it up" Which is almost breath taking if you pause to think about it.  It's the most unique way of describing love.  I believe it means that love is not easy and that we will probably fall like fools because of it, but ya know what?  Do it anyway.  It's necessary to do it up.  bye.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wake Up

This is for all those people still sleeping.

The ones not dreaming.

The ones who don't care enough to rise up.

The ones who think they aren't worth it. 

If you want my advice.

Wake up.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good Gandhi

I keep forgetting. 

I keep forgetting to schedule work off.

I keep forgetting to pass along the good news, to give away that compliment, to be more selfless.

I could win an award for the most pride on my side, for the most people I've taken for a ride, for the dumbest arguements that I chide. 

I keep forgetting to quite rhyming.  I keep forgetting to spell quit correctly.  I keep forgetting to remind myself that I need to quit forgetting.

I would give it all, I would own myself completely, I would stop listening to everything else.

But I can't.  I must have forgot how.  And tonight is not the last time.  Although someday...I'll find the light. 

Monday, November 28, 2011


Jack jingle jibber was depressed.
He once was happy but he no longer feels the way he did.
he contemplates suicide.
Sitting in his chair her begins to remember the things he once loved
he remembers the good time and all the joy he could still have
he gets up
lets out his rage
looks at his possible end
and walks right past.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another journey

    Steven Spielberg, in his movie Empire Of The Sun, delivers a story of a young boy who grows up during World War 2 and is surprisingly called to the adventure of a lifetime.  It isn’t all fun and games and the lessons he learns change this young boy into a man.  This movie truly depicts Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey.  It begins with the Ordinary World.  James is a young buck whose parents are filthy rich.  He lives in China in a large mansion.  He has handmaidens and all the toys and pleasures a young kid could ask for. 
    His call to adventure comes in a split second.  Japan strikes and sends soldiers throughout the towns collecting all races other than their own.  They send them to war camps in the outskirts of town.  James tries to run away with his family but is ends up lost in the crowd.  He stays hidden for a while but for want of food and protection he soon begs to give in.  This is where he refuses his call.  He tries his best to surrender by running through the streets yelling at all the soldiers but no one seems to care for him.  He one day finds a man by the name of Basie.  This is his mentor.  He learns of Basie’s knowledge and finds him to be his safest bet to a prolonged life. 
    Jamie is given a new name by Basie in order to sound more American.  He is now known as Jim.  Jim tells Basie that at his home in the town he knows of a lot of good furniture and money to be made.  They drive out there to check it out but are caught and put into a war camp.  This is where he crosses the threshold.  He goes to the camp and is tried, tested, beaten and ridiculed.  He learns new ways of coping and creating.  He goes through many phases here such as the test, allies and enemies, the approach, ordeal, and reward.  At one point he has to put his life on the line and go out on a limb to earn trust and approval of Basie and his clan.  He is almost caught and killed but just barley sneaks by. 
    The American’s come to the aid of the victims of the war camps and help to save them all.  This is where Jamie takes the road back.  He begins his rise to accomplishment.  He still has many struggles here and even has one final stand.  He is left all alone.  Starving and tired he has to walk all the way back to his first camp and it just about kills him.  As he arrives the American army is waiting there and they take him to re-unite with his family.  Jamie finds his parents and lives on.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here row adjourn knee

 Personal Trap

Blue, red, yellow.  These are the only colors he has ever known.  Left alone in a box of primary colors.  He travels no where.  See's no one.  The only thing left to do is think.  Thinking about what he looks like.  What it would be like to know the difference in all things.
 One day he reaches forward.  Pushing off his lid.  A new light emereges.  The scents of the new world awaits him.

1. How old is this guy?
2. Where has he been his whole life?
3. What's next?